5 Top Health Benefits of Jasmine Rice

health benefits of jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is usually a type of rice people can find in India or Pakistan food. This is because jasmine rice comes from those two countries. The shape of the rice is a bit thinner but also longer compared to normal rice. The price if jasmine rice is also more expensive. Despite the price, there are many health benefits of jasmine rice that people may not be aware of.

health benefits of jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is very useful for those who are planning a diet. It contains low glycemic and carbo, therefore it will support your diet. Consuming jasmine rice can also help make your stomach full for a while. Here are some more health benefits of jasmine rice:

1. Support the heart

Jasmine rice can help support the health of your heart. Compared to normal rice the fat in jasmine is rice is not as much, which is dangerous if we consume too much. The high fiber in it is also helpful to control the cardiovascular system if you consume it regularly.

2. Expedite Digesting system

This is one of the reasons why jasmine rice is helpful for those who are on a diet. The nutrients inside the rice help the flow out of your stomach. Therefore, your digesting system can work well. Even though it helps defecate, eating jasmine rice will not make you get hungry easily. 

3. Thiamin – Brain Vitamin

One of the health benefits of rice, jasmine is Thiamin. This is a vitamin that can help increase and protect the human brain, whether it is the capability or memory. If the brain is being protected, then it will prevent humans from getting Alzheimer’s and Dementia. These are two types of brain diseases that can damage the human brain. Therefore, try consuming this rice regularly and it will help prevent diseases that can damage your brain.

4. Source of Iron for The Body

A cup of jasmine rice supplies 1.1 mg of iron, which covers about 6% of a woman’s need, and 14% for men. By consuming it at least 3x a day, most of the iron requirement for your body can be fulfilled. Iron is very important for the body, as it is one of the sources of energy. It also plays a crucial role in providing tissues with oxygen, therefore it can work well. As for those who are on diet, iron helps the immune system to stay strong. 

5. Source of Energy for Diabetics

Diabetics patients usually need to do a certain diet to control their health. To prevent them from becoming weak, consuming jasmine rice is an option. Brown jasmine rice contains lower sugar compared to the white ones. Therefore, it is healthier and safer for patients. But remember to keep control of how much you eat.

To get a better life, try changing your regular rice to jasmine rice. There are many health benefits of jasmine rice that people can get after consuming it. Remember there are two types of jasmine rice, white and brown rice. Both types are healthy, but brown rice is more recommended.