5 Ways How To Teach Dyslexia Kids To Read

Dyslexia is the most common learning disorder in the world, according to some researches. It happens in early life, and most parents can identify it once their kid learns to read. However, this condition couldn’t be cured, and you can still help your child learn gradually. Here are some tips on how to teach dyslexia kids to read, based on the proven methods.

1. Build Kids’ Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is an ability to hear and identify words based on how someone speaks it out. Most children build this ability in their very early years. Hence, they could speak just like the circumstance around them. However, the ability is much slower to grow in dyslexia kids. And parents are the ones with the responsibility to build their kids’ phonemic awareness.

How to teach dyslexia kids to read by building their phonemic awareness? You can find the method on the following tips.

2. Focus On Listening Methods

Dyslexia kids get distracted so easily, that’s why they have difficulty in identifying words. When they try to see a book with many words, they will feel extremely dizzy. Since they will see the letters as if they go in and out from its normal arrangement.

Regarding this, you must focus on listening methods the most when teaching the dyslexia kids. This is the first and primary tip you need to understand before starting to train your child to read.

3. Use Many Pictures and Colours

Besides using listening methods, you also need to provide many colourful pictures as supporting media. After you mention a word to your child, ask him/her to show what word you were saying in a picture. If he/she answers correctly, give some praise. However, if there are some mistakes in this training, you can discuss it with your child. And you can show your child how the mistakes happened and fix it together.

4. Train Kids To Arrange Simple Words

If your kid is bored with identifying pictures, you can start a new game to train his/her recognizing skill. Prepare some alphabet cards and make a simple word with the missing alphabet in it. As a start, you could ask him/her to choose a missing vowel between two consonants.

For example, you can use three alphabets word “P-N”, then ask your kid to choose which vowel can complete it. “P-N” can be completed with vowel A, I, or E.

So, after playing this game your kid will understand three new words, they are pan, pin, and pen.

5. Read Stories With Spelling Mistakes

The next tip on this how to teach dyslexia kids to read is by telling them a story. If you have a dyslexia kid, don’t forget to always provide time to read some stories for him/her. However, you can also use this family activity to train your child to read. You just need to intentionally put some words with wrong spelling, and see if your kid could correct it. Encourage him/her to say you’re wrong, and listen to his/her argument afterward. If your kid couldn’t find the mistakes (or too afraid to do so), you can solve the mistakes together.

That’s all the tips we can give on how to teach dyslexia kids to read. Nevertheless, you don’t need to push your kid too hard and force him/her to learn if he/she doesn’t want to. Since in fact, learning slowly is far more efficient for kids with dyslexia.