Choosing the Right Free Game Online for Toddlers

A toddler is a gap of age from 12 to 36 months old. These are the period that people calls “The Golden Age”. The golden age itself, is one of the most important times to optimize the growth and development of a child. A way to develop is by teaching them using free game online for toddlers.  

Of course, teaching toddlers does not mean teaching like adults or in a formal way. But it is can be done by playing games. Whether indoor or outdoor; in a group or individual; or by online as also. Parents must be creative, so toddlers do not get bored. One of the methods of engaging easily and effective toddlers is by playing the game online with them. What kind of free game online for toddlers you must-have? Check this out! Oh, and do not worry, these games are free and worth it.

1. Alphabet Puzzles for Toddlers

A free alphabet puzzles for toddlers. It is an educational and entertaining game that helps a toddler develop. It helps their matching, tactile and fine motor skills. They can touch and drags the letters into the frame. Not only that, toddlers will be able to interact with bubbles elements, rockets and fruits. This makes the game more fun and attracting. 

2.     Shapes and Colors – Kids games for toddlers

An education game where the toddler can learn by playing. Parents can choose the age option to adjust the game for their kids. Then, the toddler can play many games beside shapes and colors. These games will allow your toddler to develop logic and memories. The game is also very useful because it can help visual perception and creativity. This free game online for toddlers is a must to download. 

3.     Colors for Kids, Toddlers, Babies – Learning Game

The game allows your toddler to learn colors in several languages! Served by many mini-games inside, your toddler would also learn more! They provide words about almost anything, such as fruits and vegetables. So, if your kids are starting to learn new words, this game is a great option to play. 

4.     Baby Puzzles

Although it is a puzzle game but still this game is entertaining yet fun for your toddler. It could improve their response to speed their brain’s observation skills. Toddlers will have to be creative and concentrate while playing. Don’t worry it is not that difficult, it is adjusted with their ability. The best part for the mommies, it is one of the fewer ads – free game online to enjoy.

5.     KidloLand – Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, Baby Songs

This is an award-winning kid’s app in 2016. Not only filled with hundreds of nursery rhymes, baby songs. But also filled with learning games and stories using audios and video to help toddlers. Unlikely like other games, KidloLand is full of thousands of interactive surprises.

           So here you are, some free game online for toddlers. Make sure to accompany them while they are playing. Pay attention to how long they use the handphone or tablet. Make sure it is not too long, or they will get addicted.  So, now learning can be done by playing and having fun at the same time. Learning is no more boring thanks to free online games.