Easy Diabetic Lunch Ideas To Brighten Up Your Day

Easy Diabetic Lunch Ideas
Easy Diabetic Lunch Ideas

Often, working a diabetic person is hard to find a suitable lunch menu. Diabetic person force to avoid several foods containing sugar, carbs, and cholesterol. Moreover, the problem arises when a diabetic person is a foodie before. They must have difficulties to adjust to the diabetic menu. So, here is the list of easy diabetic lunch ideas:

1. Salad

If you have diabetic then you want to have something delicious, then the salad is one of the easy diabetic lunch ideas. You can add any raw vegetables, eggs, dried fruits, creamy avocado, and chicken to your salad. But, since you are a diabetic person, avoid bacon and cheese in your salad.

In addition to that, pour vinegar and olive oil to the salad and avoid any kind of sugar. But, if you want something tangy and creamy in your salad, add a Greek yogurt on it. For more freshness, squeezes lemon as finishing. Change your meat to a slice of turkey is good too.

2. Sandwich

Who says a diabetic person cannot have a sandwich? Lunch will be great with a wrap of whole-grain bread filled with a slice of turkeys and veggies. If you like mayonnaise, choose low-fat mayonnaise. To avoid flatness, choose a whole-wheat tortilla filled with grilled chicken or ham. Also, if you have a fresh tomato, slice and add it on.

For safety reasons, avoid snacks like French fries or chips. Not only because it is greasy, but also it is containing high calories and fattening sides. No need to worry, as long as you choose lean meat and the right kind of bread, your lunch is safe.

3. Soups

Since it is not a creamy soup, then it will be suitable for diabetic people. Chicken soup, tomato soup with no cream, and also chicken and spinach soup is a very good choice. To make it easy, simply make a big pot of soup and freeze them. Earlier, you can divide them into portion.

Another ingredient you can add to your soup is a butternut squash as well as vegetables like carrots and celery. But, as mentioned before, avoid creamy or chowder soup. For completion, serve your soup with garlic bread made of whole-grain bread.

4. Pasta

The best choices are whole-grain pasta. Besides, you can have any kind of noodles as long as they are whole-grain. Simply serve your penne, spaghetti, or angel hair with healthy tomato sauce. If you want some protein, then add shrimp or turkey meatballs on it. Or, you can put chunky chicken.

But, if you like your pasta to be light and simple, toss a mix of vegetables and cook it in Aglio olio way. Also, having a crisp salad as a side dish when you have pasta for your lunch. Pasta is very easy to make and fast. So, it is suitable for an easy diabetic lunch idea.

It is true that lunch for diabetic people can be tricky. But, now you have these easy diabetic lunch ideas, so no more excuse. Meanwhile, better if you also consult with doctor or expertise. Different types of diabetic could be different types of diet.