Educational Game For Kids That Boosts Reading Ability

educational games for kids
educational game for kids

Learning is more fun by playing games. The kids would be easier to accept the lesson. Also, playing games gives a big impact on their health, both physical and mental. One of the competencies every kid must have is reading. Teaching them to read can be started at an early age. No need to confuse about the way, in this article you can find the educational game for kids which very useful to practice reading.

Over decades many practitioners have created many games for kids. Some of them are dedicated to boosting reading ability. Learning to read is important because it relates to language skills and listening. Once this ability is good, as they grow up, their communication will get better too. Now, let’s see the educational game for kids that every parents or teacher should know:

1. Find the Wrong Spell

Reading is started by learning to spell. The kids should already know the letters when playing this game. You can begin the game by arranging letters into the wrong spelling. This game also tests the memory of their words. Once they are successfully finding the wrong letter, it shows that they remind the writing very well. For older kids, you can shuffle the letter into a more complicated form.

2. Guess the Meaning

Guessing the meaning is another important skill of reading. If your kids are confident enough to explain one word, it means that they know the context. Try with the simplest word, like “Dad. Who is D-A-D?” or something like that. When they get confuses, explain them through daily example. It is easier to be accepted even for the kids at age 3.

3. Kids Scrabble

You must be familiar with this game. Instead of using seven letters, start from words with three or four letters. Ask your kids to play first and put the word they know. You can combine this game with writing practice. After they put the word, give them a colorful marker and ask them to write on the paper.

4. Connecting Letters to the Words

You might need the letter flashcards for this game. The game begins with shuffle the cards, then flip them. You can also put all the cards into the bowl. Pick one and show them the card. Let them spell the letter and ask what is the thing started with that letter. Allow them to do the same for you. It is a chance for the parents to introduce new words when they get a turn. Explain in a simple way, so their vocabulary is going to increase.

5. Hop and Spell

You have to play this game outdoor. You need to make a hopscotch map as your kids want. Put a letter in each box, you can choose whatever the letter. Once the step is on the box, the player must mention one word that started with that letter. It trains their balance too. It is more fun to play at the weekend.

As parents or teachers, you must be creative and explore alternative methods. Don’t keep the kids inside the room because it is boring. Not to mention, the educational game for kids is designed to stimulate their potency. Also, Match every single activity based on their stage.