Everyone Must Know, What Cause Foot Odor

Have you been ‘upset’ when you have to take your shoes off at a friend’s house? This discomfort is not a matter of shoes that are not attractive or confused about wanting to put shoes on but are afraid of what causes foot odor when the shoes are removed. Just like body odor, odor in the feet can also eliminate self-confidence. The scientific term for the problem of foot odor is namely bromodosis. Then, what causes the emergence of odor in the feet? summarizes the four causes of odor in the feet, as follows:

1. Sweat

When sweaty feet, our feet will feel moist and warm. This is what causes the appearance of odor-causing bacteria. This bacterium breaks a sweat and dead skin cells which cause an unpleasant odor. According to Alex Kor, a podiatrist, the best way to fight this odor is to change socks regularly, especially when the feet are moist. “We must use something that can ward off moisture,” he explained.

According to him, merino wool socks are great for getting rid of moisture. Moreover, sweat usually appears when the weather is hot. However, Kor said, cold weather can also cause an odor in the feet because people tend to wear thick socks so that the skin of the feet is difficult to breathe. “Even when it’s cold, we sweat, and then when we try to warm feet with socks, we tend to be lazy to replace them because of the cold weather,” he added. According to him, we can also use antiperspirants several times a week at night to overcome this.

2. Shoes

Just like socks, shoes can’t be damp either. This is why experts advise us not to wear the same shoes day after day. “Many people are not able to do that, especially if our work requires certain shoes,” said Kor. According to him, foot hygiene becomes more important if we always wear the same shoes. Therefore, he advised us to clean and rub the feet using pumice or a special tool to scrape dry skin. The type of shoe can also determine what causes foot odor. “If you have foot odor, wear something that makes your skin breathe easily,” Kor said.

3. Stress

Stress can also make the body sweat excessively. “There is no doubt that when people are under pressure, they will sweat more,” Kor said. Stress caused by stress contains ingredients that differ from heat-induced sweat.

This happens because the sweat is producing different types of sweat glands, and usually causes a more severe odor. It’s best to keep a few pairs of spare socks in the office, or anywhere that makes us feel very stressed.

4. Fungal infections

According to Kor, those who like sports are usually at high risk of experiencing fungal infections that cause foot odor. “Moisture between the toes will cause itching for many people,” he said. Those who experience this usually think of using antifungal creams. Applying anti-fungal krin when the feet are moist, according to the Cor, actually worsens the situation.

In some cases, this method only makes the foot odor persist. “There were times when I tried everything and nothing worked, so I gave my patient oral antibiotics,” he said. He added such incidents were rare. But certain types of bacteria that arise because of humidity can be overcome this way.

Many factors what causes foot odor. One of them is a bad habit of wearing shoes without socks. Also, four other habits are often unwittingly done.