How to Balance Kids’ Need, Parrents Must-Know

Having kids is a dream that almost all parents would have. However, raising a kid is not as easy as it seems. Unlike adults, kids need to teach many things to understand. And this can be the hard part of raising a kid. In this modern technology, almost everything is now available by technology and gadgets. Therefore, parents need to know how to balance kids’ need.

Every kid needs their parent’s attention, but they also need their time alone. So, what must parents do to fulfill all their kid’s needs? And how to balance kids’ need with all their needs? Some parents may think this is impossible to do. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help parents balance their kids’ need.

1. Playtime

Kids love to play, whether on their own or with their parents. So, from 24 hours a day, give time to play in the morning until the afternoon. Give time for kids to be creative and do what they like. For example, give them toys or other tools so they can be creative and explore. However, give them a certain time, because they do need to rest.

 2. Rest Time

An important phase in a kid’s life is when they sleep. The inside of a kid will grow and develop when they sleep. Therefore, make sure your kids get enough sleep every day especially at night. It is recommended that kids under 5 years old get a nap in the afternoon. And at least 8 hours each night. Research has also shown that kids brain develops when they sleep at 8-midnight. So, make sure your kids don’t sleep late at night.

 3. Parents Attention

Other than toys, every kid needs their parent’s attention. Especially for parents that work, make sure you give some time to your kids. When you get home, try not to play on your gadget and pay full attention to your kids. And on the weekend, spend the whole day with your kids. Remember that your 8 hours on weekdays are gone for working. A kid’s character is built from the lessons their parents teach them. So, make sure to give enough attention to your kids.  

 4. Technology Time

Kids are like a plant, they need to be feed to grow. How they grow also depends on what they consume. So, ensure to give them something positive to consume so they grow positively. A positive but can also be a negative issue is gadgets and technology. Teaching kids’ gadgets and technology are important, however, make sure to give limited time. Too many gadgets will make them addicted and this is not good.

 5. Let Them Be Kids

An easy way on how to balance kids’ need is just by letting them be kids. Don’t put too much pressure on them as they are still small. Let them play what they like, eat candies a little and scream or yell when they want to. These simple but funny actions are a way to show kids are happy the way they are.

How to balance kids’ need depends on their parents. Parents play an important role in developing their kids until they grow up. So, no matter how busy you are, make sure you have time for your little ones. Remember that they need all the supports from their parents.