Six Places Where To Visit In Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It locates right in the north of the world when you can see aurora and snow almost every day. If you want to spend an unforgettable holiday time, Norway is a perfect choice to visit. But the question is…where to visit in Norway, what are the most recommended places to spend your time in?

1. Oslo

The first and foremost place you have to visit is Oslo – the capital city of Norway. When you come here, you can see a beautiful city with harbors surrounding it. Besides the harbors, you can also visit many parks and historical sites. Some best places to visit in Oslo are Sculpture Park and Viking Ship Museum.

When you arrive at the national airport, it’s best for you to explore the city first. Also, don’t forget to have a ski at Holmenkollbakken, the oldest ski jump in the world.

2. Alesund

Similarly to Oslo, Alesund is a historical yet busiest city in Norway. Whenever you come here, you could see how local communities love to organize a festival. Among other popular cities in Norway, Alesund is the most frequent festival organizer.

Besides its festivals and friendly citizens, Alesund also has great scenery with a clean river and neat buildings. You’ll fall in love with this amazing country once you step your feet here.

3. Bergen

After exploring the historical city Oslo, watching some perky festivals at Alesund, let’s have a relax at Bergen. If you love to see a perfect nature and culture combination, coming to Bergen is much recommended.

Bergen is a city in Norway, which has the most mountains and fjords. Besides, you can also see many colorful buildings stand at the edge of the harbors. And if you like to eat seafood, there’s no better place in Norway but Bergen.

4. Eidfjord

Eidfjord is the next place where to visit in Norway, a place that won’t disappoint you whatsoever. Among other cities on this list, Eidfjord can notably be said as the most popular one. Hence you can visit a waterfall, mountains, lake, and national park when coming to Eidfjord.

When other places in Norway offer historical stories about the country, Eidfjord is more famous because of its vacation site. Eidfjord’s local community is so serious to renovate this little city to become the best destination in Norway. And that’s what makes Eidfjord seems less historical than others.

5. Flam

Flam is the best water vacation throughout Norway. It is exactly the best place for people who like fishing, canoeing, and likewise. Rather than other water destinations in Norway, Flam is the only place to provide a short tour with a cruiser. So when you come here and want to explore the rest part of Flam, you don’t need to bother yourself. Just save your seat on the cruiser tour and the guides will bring you to the most beautiful places at Flam.

6. Lofoten

Last but best on our list is Lofoten, one of the most “magical” places in the world. Right here, you can stand at the edge of the canyon, surrounded by gigantic cliffs, and see the beauty of the north. Moreover, when the night comes, you can also see the aurora borealis perform their dances in the sky. I don’t think we need to describe the ethereal beauty now, because I’m sure you can imagine it already.

That’s all the best place where to visit in Norway, don’t forget to visit them on your next holiday! However, don’t forget to bring more jackets when you visit, because Norway’s temperature could reach some minus degrees.