What To Do In Nice France To Use Your Time At It Most

Nice is  a city that surrounds the Bay of Angels beautifully, offering every beauty in life that you want. When you have the opportunity to visit Nice, the Bay of Angels will probably be the most beautiful welcome you will ever get in Europe. You can spend your vacation time just by going around the old city in Nice or just hunting beautiful flowers at Cours Saleya. So here is what to do in Nice France.

1. Cruise Ship Tours

what to do in Nice France? First, in Nice, there are two ports owned by the city itself. And also Villefranche-sur-Mer is one of the most beautiful bays that surround the place. All ships in this city stop at the port. The staff who work at the place will provide all the information needed by tourists. It takes around 20 minutes to get around the old city. And downtown using a cruise ship. This might sound tiring, but during the holiday season, the price of a taxi will be very expensive. And the bus only travels to several places.

You are advised to visit the port of Villefranche. Here you will be treated to a variety of extraordinary sights. Such as mountains, sea, sun, sky, and cities that appear in the middle. If you only have a little time, Villefranche itself will keep you busy for several hours. With its natural scenery and shopping center. You do not need to worry, to get tourist information around this place. The officers will provide information services throughout the day.

2. Relaxing at the Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais is a beautiful pedestrian area and location what to do in Nice France. Where the road follows the beautiful arch of Baie des Anges beach. This beachfront road is filled with palm trees that adorn the road. At first, the Promenade de Angelis was only a small footpath. Then developed by an Englishman, Lewis Way in 1820 using his own expense. In 1931 Prince Connaught, Son of Queen Victoria enlarged the road into 2 separate sections. You can sunbathe on the beach along this place. Also, this street is a favorite of cyclists and skaters.

3. Enjoy the beauty of art in Ville Ville

Vielle Ville is an Old Town in Nice which has beautiful, colorful old buildings. Besides, The city has narrow alleys and mazes – mazes. That is similar to cities in Italy. At the southern end of the old city, you can find a flower market. The name is Marche aux Fleur, where there will be many flower traders who make beautiful colorful streets.

For art lovers, you can also stop by the Galerie des Ponctess. Which features Raoul Dufy’s paintings, which is one of the famous painters in Nice. And also at the Musee Alexis et Gustav Adolf Mossa, which displays paintings by Alexis Mossa, a 19th-century artist who is quite popular.

4. Witness the Concert at Jardin Albert

It is a green park located between des Phocéens and de Verdun. It’s also one of the icons in Jardin Albert is Fontaine du Soleil, a beautiful fountain in the center of which stands the Apollo spatung, the Greek Sun God. Jardin Albert has an open-air theater that is also unfortunate to be missed, Théâtre de Verdure which is surrounded by pine trees and palm trees. In spring and summer, you can watch music concerts in this theater.

that’s the most popular what to do in nice France, don’t forget to buy souvenirs typical of France for your relatives at home. Prepare everything you need before traveling to Nice